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Priceless ring fell in the water

Priceless ring fell in the water

Here is the story frome the person who lost his mothers ring.

We were having a dinner at the restaurant and looking at the ring size.
Thats when we accidentally dropped it and it fell right between the cracks of the deck.
At first we were all really suprised and couldn’t actually believe that it was gone.
Then of course my whole family was upset, and thought it was gone forever.
But then had the idea to call a diver.

At first we called a local dive school.
And after telling them all the information on where the ring was they said they wouldn’t be able to do it.
So they gave us  the website of

We kind of gave up and thought it was in too hard of a spot to get to.
I  searched on the website and thought the website was fine.
So i sent a contact and what my problem was.
Then in a split second Martin messaged me.

It is busy with assignments, but we go very early in the morning

It is 04:00 waiting for the transport …..
Just call and haha he is oversleeping.

wait a while.
Xander is ariving quick.
We are on the road.

A tight schedule but we know we can do it.
Always difficult, but today only very difficult assignments
But we are going for it.

The man sended a message 🙂
“You were really great being able to go and search the very next day, but i was doubt full because it was a tricky spot.

Just see the movie and read after!!!

This was his awnser 🙂
But then when we woke up we were all super excited to hear the news that you had found it.
You did an amazing job and we are very thankful!

Never forget

Although the water is dirty, we do dive into your lost items
A verry nice dive with help of the owners of the spot.