Wedding ring lost in the Netherlands?

Wedding ring or jewelery lost on the beach, in the forest, in the grass, water or just in the garden?

Our volunteers from will help you find your precious possession back.

We know that a wedding ring, ring, necklace, bracelet jewelry or even a homemade key chain or your mobile can be of great emotional value  all this we can find back if u lost it.
So please feel free to contact us.
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What items can we find back for you?

All objects that contain metal we can find for you.
The people in our group are in the possession of the most modern metal detectors for both on land and in and under the water.
That is why this is the best chance we’ll find your lost item back up.
Our metal detector search service requests works simple and effective.
It is even free of charge u only pay for the gasoline.

Now we already have helped a very large number of people and all are happy  with recovering their lost possessions.
If you have lost an item, such as an ornament, car key, phone or whatever, and you know where it is but u just can’t find it, you can contact
Also, when you need assistance with archaeological ruins, you can of course also contact us.
Do you have a wedding ring or jewelry found, you can report this also we will process them in all digital systems so that the item soon at the rightful owner comes back.
We work with Ilost gevondenofverloren and affiliated to most municipalities, also we do this free of charge. Follow us by Twitter & Facebook.

You may have several questions.

On the questions page we already have answered the most frequently asked questions for you.
Should you have other questions, you can always E-mail through the contact form.

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